Cheetah Mobile Policies for Pegasi Service Partners


Chinese version

1. Supply Partners using the Cheetah Pegasi Service must prominently display and abide by an appropriate privacy policy. Supply Partners must provide visible notice to, and where necessary, obtain legally sufficient consent from, the Supply Partner’s users regarding the scope of collection and sharing of data by Supply Partners with Cheetah Pegasi Service and third parties for advertising and internal business purposes, including, for example, device identifiers, MAC address, IMEI number and location information in plain text.

2. Supply Partners may not include in the data that they share with Cheetah Pegasi Service any Personally Identifiable Information (PII) that could be used to identify or track individual end users, or information about an end user’s racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical affiliation or beliefs, trade-union membership, health or sex life, criminal convictions or alleged commission of an offense, or use any feature or functionality of Cheetah Pegasi Service to send, track, infer, or identify individual end users or such categories of data.

3. Supply Partners must add the informational and privacy required elements to all interest-based native ads in order to allow users to opt-out from interest-based advertising, and must not remove or obscure the visibility or functionality of privacy opt-out elements from any advertising creatives displayed on their apps.

4. Supply Partners must comply with all applicable laws, including those concerning privacy and data protection, and should take into account any applicable self-regulatory regimes, that apply to their apps, sites, distribution, data handling and business practices.

5. If there is any violation, we reserve the rights to deactivate or close the account. As if to be suspect, we would provide necessary information to cyber security departs for fighting crimes.