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Monetize your App, with content & operation resources all over the world!

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Supports 22 different ad formats across Android & iOS systems, seamlessly integrates with your app UI

One stop content solution with packaged content & search to enrich your monetization scenarios with the best user experience

Data driven programmatic advertising system to maximize your eCPM with the most matched offer

Global support and operation sources to help secure your global business

Cheetah Stream Service

Over 2000 high quality content provider with copyright, provides the most personalized content to boost retention rate

Global Coverage

Publish news in 37 languages and 40 distinct country editions with 2000+ media partners.

Rich and Smart Content

Leverage editorial, algorithmic and community intelligence to offer the sharpest and widest perspective on the world.

Guarantee all the contents are authorized by publishers and make sure all the contents are protected by copyright.

Pegasi Monetization Service

The world's most comprehensive native monetization platform for publishers.

Rich demand source, connecting the world's leading advertisers to maximize publisher earning

Excellent fill rate and programmatic optimization effect, bring the best match to the best traffics

Customized integration solution, seamless connect publishers across online to offline channels

International support, your dedicated resource with expertise to assist you win in the globalization business

Cheetah Search Kit

Programmatic keyword model brings high RPM ads and tailored search functions to the application & devices

Programmatic Search

Provide customizable keyword module with timely updated Keyword

Dedicated Operation Team

Keep efficient cooperation with search engine provider to ensure competitive RPM

Wide Coverage

Utilize the best optimization practices to provide the highest user engagement and monetization

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